Thursday, March 25, 2010

Loving Life to the Fullest!

Hi Everyone!
Hope your all looking forward to Spring as much as we are! Just thought I wuold update you on how Koen is doing. Two words SO AWESOME! His hair has really come in and just looking at him you wouldn't even know he had cancer. He's loving life to the fullest! He loves playing with his brothers and being outside. You can really tell he was kept inside way too much over the last 6 months. Any nice day we have he wakes up asking to go outside. He's even gotten strong enough to where he rides his bike everywhere. He still has just a little bit of a limp but we are seeing that go away with every week. We are going to be making his make-a-wish trip from April 7-13th. We are all so excited for this and looking forward to just spending time as a family and being in a magical place. When we get back he will be having his 3 month check up. Asking for prayer for this, as you just never know if the cancer could have come back. There is always that 20% chance that he could easily fall into. I really feel he is cancer free and will be for the rest of his life. But a little prayer never hurts. Blessing to you all and Happy Spring!