Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Days!

Happy Days! Koen's been having some really happy days. With no chemo he's a new little boy! Seeing how happy he is this really makes us realize how bad he felt and how tough of a journey it was for him. His hair is really starting to come back! Every morning he wakes up with more on his head. He still has the cast on but has learned how to get everywhere he needs. It is so cute when he uses his little walker or is working his way up the stairs on his hands and knees. With each step his casted leg sticks straight out. Makes me laugh! Over the weekend we are going to be getting the house ready and doing party planning for his BIG bash next weekend. We thought it was only appropriate to celebrate the ending of this long journey. He is also turning 4 on February 5th. We would like to invite all of you to come! I know it is late notice. But if you are able to come you are invited to come Celebrate with us. The party is next Saturday the 6th at 12:00. If you are able to make it send me an email at! Hope you all are having a great weekend!

The pictures are of Koen making a necklace with his hope beads. He got a bead for everything that happened to him through his journey.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Little Walker

Posted by PicasaKoen got his little walker today in order to help him get around the house. I was surprised he was totally ready to try it out. He's such my little hero! Love you buddy you amaze your mama! There are more pictures of Koen and his cast along with pictures of his surgery yesterday on our family blog, feel free to check them out.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Today we are headed to the hospital for Koen's surgery to remove his port.
Please pray that everything goes smoothly!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Right now I have Goosebumps all over and tears pouring. I've been following a little boy's battle against cancer, his name is Jarren. Jarren had the same kind of cancer Koen had and was done with treatment just a little bit before Koen. His parents have been given some bad news that his AFP is raising which could mean the cancer is coming back. Also, in the update is prayer for another little girl that also had the same cancer as Koen and has also received the news that her AFP is raising. So I'm just so scared and worried that this could also happen to Koen. We were told in the start that this cancer is very curable yet here is two precious little ones that their cancer is coming back. I just don't know what to think right now! This can't happen to Koen, I don't want to see him go through anymore. My heart also breaks so much for Jarren and his family along for this other little girl and her family. Even though I'm hurting so bad, I know I still don't hurt as much as them right now. Right now I do have a cancer free baby-sitting in front of me. Please everyone pray for these two little ones and their families. Also, just remember how precious your little ones are. They can instantly be taken away! No one should ever have to go through pain like this. Please just pray!

Fractured Tibia

Koen had been doing pretty good! Enjoying being off chemo, more of a break from the hospital, having an appetite again and just enjoying feeling more like himself again. As you all know he had his last appointment for oncology on January 11th. It didn't go quite as we had planned but so far turned out better than what we thought we might be hearing after leaving there. As long as his bile leak isn't affecting him with pain, abnormal blood counts or fever surgery will not happen. Where the leak is located would be too dangerous to do surgery, as the leak is close to the heart and hard to get to. So far he hasn't had any problem so we are praying it will heal its self. Also found out yesterday that he still will not have to go back in for another 2 1/2 months now. The 3 month break from the hospital didn't happen. On Monday night Koen for some reason thought he would climb up the bunk bed ladder to tell Kaitin goodnight lost his footing and fell off the ladder. We took him to the ER that night because he wasn't wanting to straighten his leg or put weight on it and was crying about it pretty good. Thanks to some well-trained people we were sent home after 3 hours in the ER with being told from what they saw on the X-Ray there was no break or fracture. Well I got a call the very next morning to be told to come in as they now thought he could have a fracture on his hip. It was very clear to Grant and I that there was something wrong with our little boy as pain medicine was barely getting him to fours before needing it again. So back to the ER we went spend all day there to find out NO he doesn't have a hip fracture but a fractured tibia. It was a VERY long day for us. Koen now has a cast all the way down his left leg. He's still in quite a bit of pain but not sure if its because he really hurts or from the anxiety of it all. We also found out that his surgery was scheduled for his port removable on Thursday the 21st. So were back to the hospital tomorrow for that. Praying everything will go smoothly! We are so ready for our little guy to have a break from all this stuff and be back to somewhat of a normal everyday lift. Looking forward to that day and still remembering how blessed to be where we are. Please keep those prayers coming as for some reason Koen is still getting hit with some battles. He will have to be in the cast for 4 weeks. We are getting him a walker hoping it will keep him encouraged to keep up the walking. This is something I'm really praying for as he was just getting his strength back in his legs and some fat on them. He also has another hearing test on February 11th to recheck his hearing and fix him up with hearing aids. For some reason I am still battling this whole thought of my baby having to wear hearing aids. I know it shouldn't be that big of deal but I just don't want him to have to worry about everything that comes with having hearing aids. I know God can repair his hearing and return it back to normal. This is something I'm really begging God for.

Friday, January 15, 2010

On Wednesday

On Wednesday we heard from the Doctor and Koen will not need surgery. Please pray the liver will heal and fix the bile leak. The leak is in a spot that would be very hard to get to and close to his heart.

Monday, January 11, 2010


3:15 central time :Koen's appointment didn't go as well as I thought it would! Told today that he is going to need a hearing aid which is not what we wanted to hear but knew it was a possibility from the start. CT scan showed no new tumor or mass but does show a bile leak. This means two things: 1. Needs surgery & to be drained 2. Could heal on it's own. Waiting to hear from the surgeon/liver specialist!
Please keep Koen in your thoughts and prayers. Pray that he doesn't have to have surgery to fix the bile leak. The doctor told me all is fixable so we are praising God for that.


Koen has a doctor's appointment today, just the final check CT scan, blood work, hearing test, etc. The next appointment will be in 3 months. Koen is not sure why he has to go his words, "No I don't need to go I'm all better!" :)