Monday, August 17, 2009

Amazing Days Ahead!

We are looking forward to the complete healing of our precious Koen. He has been improving but is still not where he needs to be to go home. His pain is hard to control without a lot of meds. Our prayers are being answered as I am sure you can tell by his picture. (Look @ A Trooper post) It is a huge improvement of where he was just a couple weeks ago.
Koen's chemo will be 6 series of treatment. Each series is 3 weeks long and on the first week of each series he has to be hospitalized for 3 to 4 days. The other 2 weeks will be lots of doctors appointments, clinc days and tehn his other chemo on Thursdays, but all shuld be able to be done during those 2 weeks as an outpaitent. This is the tenative plan as any change in overall helath can delay chemo and blood counts have to be where the doctors need it to keep the chemo schedule moving forward.
After the 4th series of treatment they will be doing surgery to remove the tumor and then 2 more series of chemo and after this we wil have a cancer free Koen!
Thank you all for your prayers. Please pray for Grant as he started work at the new job today. It will be a challenge to figure out Koen's, Kaitin's and Gavin's care. Also, they don't have a second car at this time so transportation is a huge issue until they find time to get one purchased.~Koen's Nana Stacy

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  1. Hi.. My name is Tricia Kilzer and I live in Centennial, not to far from Children's. I got your name from Anne Marie Ezzo and wanted to let you know I'm praying for darling Koen. My son,Preston, was diagnosed at 5.5 with stage 3 lymphoma and is now in remission and is 7! Praise God. I completely know what you are going thru and would love to help you any way possible, praying at the very least. Please email me at or call at 720-341-7618.. My prayers and thoughts are with you.. I'd love to come visit and bring Koen something he would like.. Please let me know. Blessings..Trish