Monday, August 3, 2009

Pray for Pain Relief

(FYI:Please check comments on posts for updates as well~everything on main blog posted in Central Time)
Koen is having a rough day today. He is experiencing pain from his surgery yesterday. So please say a prayer for some pain relief. Also, he is still having trouble breathing. We were told that we can hold Koen to help calm him down and relieve some of the pressure off of his lungs. So it's nice to know I'm going to get to hold my baby again. Thank you for all of the prayers & support!~Lindsay

They did another chest x-ray this morning and It showed that Koen has quite a bit of fluid built up in his lungs. The doctors are going to attempt to drain the fluid to help him breathe better. This should happen within the next hour. ~Grant

PLEASE be Praying! Koen is swelling and they are going to take fluid off his right lung. We need a miracle! Pray~ Stacy (Koen's Nana)


  1. We love you Koen. Please pray for peace. It is just so hard to watch your grand baby suffer. Please petition our God for a miracle. ~Papa, Nana, and all the rest of your aunts and uncles

  2. They are getting ready to insert a tube into the lung to drain off fluid. It will remain in for at least 24 hours so it can continue to drain. They just went over the list of risk. Please pray for a uncomplicated procedure! Nana

  3. you are in our prayers. You are on the church prayer chain as well along with this blog address.