Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pretty Good Day

An update from Koen's Nana Stacy (Taken from her Facebook profile) ~~
"Koen had a pretty good day! Holding his own with his breathing and heart rate. Stayed awake for several hours today. Was tired of the bed and wants to just be held. He doesn't talk much at all but is sure to let you know if he isn't happy with you. He is very weak and fragile looking as he has lost a lot of weight. Please continue to pray! GOD IS WORKING! We serve an awesome GOD!"


  1. Thank you for updating all of us who are praying for Koen. I check Koen's blog every day so I know what to pray for. God IS awesome!

  2. Grant & Lindsay you don't know me but I have had the honor and pleasure to meet your parents, Zach,Justus, Jaden and Quinton this summer through baseball. I am praying for you that everything will be better soon! You have such a great family, one that cares and can help when you need it. I am praying for Koen I can't wait to meet him personally! Take Care! Roxann Kling