Thursday, September 3, 2009

Please Pray He Can Fight This!

Having Koen home has been nice! We are not suppose to go back to the hospital until Sunday for his Vincristine. Then a clinic appointment on Tuesday and another dose of Vincristine on the following Sunday. But as it is right now that could change fast! Koen was running a low-grade fever yesterday and it’s just been climbing. I’m suppose to call the doctor if his temp is greater than 38.3 or has been running a low-grade fever for more than 24 hours and if Tylenol is not breaking it. At 12:00 I checked his fever and it was 38.3 and then 15 minutes later checked it again and it was 38.2. I choose to give him Tylenol and wait to see if it comes down. I don’t want him to have to be hospitalized just for them to watch him because he has a fever. He’s still on his antibiotic so I don’t know that there’s really much more they can do for him. So please pray this fever will go away! Not only that, but the reason he’s probably getting the fevers is because he’s fighting a cold that Gavin has had since Monday. With just getting his big dose of chemo “Cisplatin on Friday and Vincristine and F5U on Sunday it will cause his white blood cell counts to be low and not be able to fight off anything” I am hoping that is not the case! Please say a prayer for my sweet boy! Koen and all of us need a break from the hospital for a bit!

Another BIG thing we could use prayer for right now is for what kind of formula to put him on. He’s had a NG tube since he was hospitalized on July 1st. The problem is the formula that we have found to work for him is $800 dollars a month. Very HIGH! He only has one more can and we have to figure something out or just pay that price for what he needs.

Other than all this, Koen is having a GREAT time at home. Lets PRAY it stays that way!

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  1. praying for you guys....i don't know you, but a neighbor of yours (sally webb) is a friend of mine from MOPS and she shared your blog. praying for your little man and your family.

    crissie talley