Friday, October 16, 2009


Wow, Koen has just done extremely well this round of chemo. Normally with the start of chemo rounds he has all ready thrown up ten times and is just so horrible. This time he hasn't even thrown up once or even complained of nausea! I feel so BLESSED today and re assured that GOD is right besides us on this fight. Sometimes we forget this (guilty) I am just so Thankful to know such a Loving, Understanding caring GOD! Thank you to all that said a prayer for him to be able to handle the start of this round. You all have truly blessed me/us also! It's so comforting knowing your all praying and thinking about all of us. Your Koen's prayer warriors! THANK YOU! This is really sad, but I thought I would share it so you all know and remember to just keep those prayers coming and what alittle fighter he is. Koen just broke down in my arms today crying and just asking why and saying how unfair it was, etc. This is the first time that he's ever really just wanted to yell about it. He's gotten sad before and kind of tells you how unfair it was. But today it felt like I had a little person that totally got it today and was just breaking down in my arms. It is so unbelievable hard and I just wish I could take his place! I really pray that I at some point I will see God's plan in all this. He also, when he’s gotten mad at his brothers yelled at them how they should have to go the hospital all by themselves. Sorry if this brings tears to your eyes, but I just wanted you all too see how tuff this little boy is. Sometimes I think "man I just wish I could take his place but in the back of my head I'm saying "I don't know that I'm as strong as Koen is! He's so AMAZING and I couldn't be more proud of him!


  1. Oh, Linds. Just hold that little boy close. I'm thankful that God knows and cares when everything is so hard.
    Praise the Lord that he is doing so much better this round. Continuing to pray...

  2. What a heartbreak for all of you. I'm so glad he handled the chemo well and will be able to have his surgery soon. May God continue to hold all of you in his loving arms... Janet Mathes

  3. I'm so glad that God is answering all our prayers. We'll also pray for peace for Koen. Just so you know his testimony is already touching the people I work with and go to church with.