Sunday, October 4, 2009

Precious Koen

An update from Koen's Nana:
Koen is doing as well as you can expect with all the chemo in him. Since he isn't feeling the greatest he requires a lot of Lindsay and Grant's time. They are trying to balance being parents of Kaitin (4) and Gavin (2) while holding Koen (3) most of the time. It is hard for both of them. Lindsay is completely worn out by the time Grant gets home and he takes over but with needing to be up early for work the next morning both are completely sleep deprived. Please lift them up in your prayers. Now for the good news.
The cancerous tumor is shrinking and the surgery to permanently remove it is fast approaching. He will begin his fourth round of chemo the end of this week and surgery will soon follow sometime next month. Please pray for the chemo to stay on schedule for this series, Koen's strength to handle it well, Mommy and Daddy to stay strong and get some much needed rest and for the upcoming surgery to be a success.
One more note: The hospital has banned all children under the age of 12 from being in the hospital. This means that during Koen's 3 day stay this week they can't see Koen at all and it will make it harder on Grant and Linds as usually they keep the boys with them and Koen seems to enjoy having them there. During the surgery which will require a longer hospital stay they can't be up there at all either.

AROUND 10PM~ Koen's Dad posted: "Please keep Koen in your thoughts and prayers. He is the ER sick with a really high fever!"

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