Thursday, November 19, 2009

Round 5 is a GO!

Today Koen started round 5 of chemo! It is both good and sad! Good were getting started with his last two chemo treatments but sad that he has to go through the sickness of it again. It's so hard for me as his mama to see him have to feel so crappy and not really be able to do anything about it. I am in hopes this round goes well as the last. With the last round he only threw up twice. Please pray it's the same this time! Today he received his cisplatin which caused the nausea. For the start of each round he has a three day hospital stay. The reason for this is because the cisplatin can cause damage to his kidneys so they have to make sure and flush them well and keep track of his urine out put. He has 4 hours of fluids before then it takes four hours for the chemo to go in and them 20 hours of fluids after. Then on Saturday morning he will have his dose of vincristine and F-5U and be released to go home. We always look forward to that day! It's so hard on Koen to be away from his brothers. You should see how cute they are when they get to see each other again. I'll try and get some pictures and videos of it this time.

Today Koen met a new friend! This brings smiles to not only Koen's face but to mine. He keeps talking about her and how she gave him a sticker. I think it's so GREAT for him to have a friend that's kind of going through the same thing as him. She doesn't have exactly what he has but does have the cute little bald head too. She knows all about the many things like port accesses, medicine, hospital stays, pain, etc.

I never thought that I would ever have to go through or even step foot in a Children's Hospital. Know that I am I am forever going to be tied to this hospital. Having a child going through cancer just opens my eyes to the many sick kids there are in this world. Something one of the nurses pointed out to me once is there is a special month of Breast Cancer and a couple of other cancers. There is one for Children's cancer also but it is not noticed as much as the others. As being a parent of a cancer child (still can't believe I can say that) it makes me want to really push to open people's eyes to this and for others to see what these little ones are going through. So I urge for any of you reading this to find someway to get involved somehow. Donating to Make a Wish, A Children's Hospital close to you, A Children's Cancer Society, or some other way. If you google Children's cancer you can find many resources to do this!

Thank you all for the prayers for Koen! I would also like to ask all of you to not only keep Koen in your prayers but to also pray for all the other sick kids that are having to go through all of this. For their healing, pain, sadness, family, etc. God Bless!

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