Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Power of Prayer!

First I want to thank you all for praying for Koen over the past week. Koen was able to come home yesterday. We feel so blessed that we will all be able to spend Christmas together. Koen did get put on three new medicines this time. The reason we were admitted was because his body was losing potassium and magnesium. They had to replace them through IV his counts also dropped all the way down to 21. This was all causing him to be really sick, throwing up, diarrhea, fever and no energy at all. He literally slept for 3 days straight and only woke up if he needed his diaper changed. Kids are so AMAZING though because when they make that turn around they make it fast and look so much better just overnight. He was sent home on potassium and magnesium oral replacement. I'm praying he doesn't have to be on these long as they decided to keep Koen off his NG tube to see if it helps him want to eat more on his own. For all I hate the NG tube for I LOVE it when it came time to give him his meds (although not Tylenol, LOL) So thank you everyone for your prayers and I hope all have a Wonderful Christmas!

I also have another little boy I would like to ask you all to pray for. His name is Jonathan he's had cancer for 6 years and the doctors are concerned it could have spread to his brain. But we all know our GOD is mighty and able to heal. I pray the mass on Jonathan's brain will go away and they will not have to do a biopsy to find out if its cancer or not. I also pray for Jonathan to be completely healed and be cancer free and live a long, happy life. Please stand with me in prayers for this!

God touched him and his family yesterday and I was able to be involved in it and witness the prayer of God. Let me tell you a little about it. Yesterday was the anniversary of 6 years of Jonathan being diagnosed with cancer and it was just a hard day for him and his family. His Mama was having a really hard time with it and just couldn't handle anything more that day. But Satan tried to make it even worse when the doctors came in to tell them that they wanted to take Jonathan in for a brain biopsy to see if the mass in his brain was cancer or inflammation. They could only give a 50-50 chance on it being one or the other. Not something you want to do on the anniversary or Christmas season. So his Mama was just really broken yesterday and just didn't know what else to do and I guess it was meant to be with Koen being in the hospital this week for me to be able to remind her who is Mighty to change situations, GOD! She just really felt in her heart that it wasn't cancer and just didn't have a peace about agreeing to it. So with prayer and remembering to Believe and Trust that there is a God and he is on are side. The situation was changed and the doctors decided to give Jonathan more time to heal before doing anything further and they also all get to go home today and spend Christmas together. I left the hospital yesterday just broken myself and just so sad. But when I got a call from Elizabeth (Jonathan's Mama) to tell me Thank you for being her Angel today it meant so much. I literally had goosebumps....the power of God is just SO amazing and to be apart of it was even more amazing! I really believe in my heart that Jonathan will be healed and cancer free.

I hope you all feel as Blessed this Christmas season as Jonathan and our family does to be able to celebrate the real reason of Christmas with our families. May you all have a Blessed Christmas and a Wonderful New Year! God Bless!

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