Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Beginning the Fight

Sweet Koen
Koen is currently receiving his first Chemo treatment. We are feeling much relief in knowing that the first step has been taken on his path to recovery. With a final diagnosis, the doctors are very confident in the treatment plan they have set for Koen. They are even anticipating that Koen will be able to join his two waiting brothers in as little as 3 weeks! Kaitin and Gavin were able to see Koen today. They have been greatly missing the normal stability of their family and keep asking when Mommy, Daddy and Koen are coming home. Please continue praying for them as they have had their little world completely upheaved! I can only imagine what is running through their minds with what they have had to face in the last several days. We are so very grateful for the family members that have stepped in to help soften their landing. Papa has become Kaitin's on call handyman tackling projects such as putting his "Gator" together and fixing his bike. Kaitin is our little perfectionist and has no problem letting Papa know if his work isn't up to par! Kaitin was full of comments and questions when he came in to see Koen and brought some much needed laughter with some of them (why is Koen wearing a dress? a.ka. the hospital gown).
It was very touching to see both of them wanting to just hold Koen's hand to comfort him. It is amazing to see how the simplest acts mean so much. Even though Koen has remained on the ventilator, his lungs have made a lot of progress. They have been able to reduce his oxygen intake to 40%. When he was first intubated, he was receiving 100%. His own lungs are breathing almost double over the ventilator. The primary reason he is still intubated is due to the fact that the lower parts of both his lungs are still partially collapsed. This is from all of the pressure put on them from his large tumor. We now have hope with Koen starting his Chemo that the tumor will shrink enough in as little as a week to allow his lungs to function more normally. Even though we are very excited for Koen to begin his treatment, it also brings up several new concerns. The primary risks associated with his treatment are permanent hearing loss and kidney failure. His immune system will also be severly weakened and he will be much more succeptable to any illnesses. Please pray for these things as Koen faces a very tough road ahead. We have witnessed Koen's strong will to survive over the last several days and know that God will give him the strength to continue his fight. For those of you who don't know, Koen's full name is Koen William. The meaning of Koen is bold and the meaning of William is strong-willed warrior. That is exactly who are little Koen is! Please continue praying for our little one as he begins this long battle! We love you Koen! ~Daddy

Little Brother Gavin holding Koen's hand to comfort him.


  1. It is such a blessing Karlissa had the next two weeks off and was able to cancel her mission trip to Africa to care for her nephews. Papa and nana haven't been able to see them more than once or sometimes twice a year with them living in California but Karlissa actually lived with them for quite a while just a little over a year ago so it has been a little easier for her to be their primary care giver right now. Papa and nana just fill in a little. Please pray for Karlissa as she is scheduled to return to work on the 21st and has to make a decisions as to her long term plans. Lindsay and Grant will be needing help caring for the other boys during the next 5-6 months and possibly longer and it will be good if they have their aunt Karkar.
    We love you so much Koen!

  2. Lindsey, Grant, and Boys. Our whole family is praying for you guys. If we were closer we would help with what ever you needed. You will in our prayers forever... Stay Stong for the family...

  3. I have been watching news on Koen and he is in my prayers along with the rest of your family.

  4. Grant & Lindsay,

    I received an email forward asking prayer for Koen. When I opened the email I couldn't believe it was the Koen I know from the First Baptist Church of Merced nursery. You and your sweet boys are in my prayers. I will follow your blog to keep updated on Koen's progress. It looks like you are in Denver but if the church can do anything, please let us know. (209) 383-7729. I'll make sure Koen is on the prayer list.

    Amy Westlund
    Nursery Coordinator
    First Baptist Church of Merced

  5. Dearest Lindsay and Grant,
    We are praying and trusting Jesus for a full recovery for Koen. Also, we are praying for the rest of you - wisdom, strength, and your faith becoming sight - quickly!
    Thank you so much for the updates and pictures. Koen is posted on my desktop - so we pray each time we see him.
    love, Jeannie and Dennis Albright