Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Koen's Nana called to tell me the results of the pathology report and she wanted me to give everyone a little update.
Koen has Hepatoblastoma cancer it is in Stage 3 and it is malignant.
They are starting Chemo tonight at 10:00pm. The plan as of now is for Koen to receive 6 three week rounds of chemo. After the 4th round they will do surgery to remove the tumor. They were told that in 7-10 days after Koen starts getting Chemo they should see positive changes. Koen is still on life support and in a drug induced comma.
*Koen had a much better day then yesterday.
*Thankful for answers and a plan of action.
Prayer Requests:
*Koen's body can handle the Chemo
*Koen will NOT experience hearing loss or kidney failure from the Chemo
*Please continue to pray for previous requests.
Koen and his family have a long road ahead of them and they know that God has the power to heal him. Koen's family appreciates all of the prayers and support from everyone.

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  1. The Slovek Family,

    Our thought and prayers are with you Grant and your family. We will pray the Koen treatment goes well.

    Laura, Oscar and Giselle Solorio