Monday, August 24, 2009

Going HOME!

What a good day today is! Koen is being released today as soon as the have all the orders ready and the feeding pump is here. He hasn’t had a fever now for 48 hours and his white blood cell counts have come up today. It was at 250 yesterday and is up to 468 today! Which means it’s climbing fast and could be up to 750 as soon as of tomorrow so we could be right back here tomorrow. But at least he’ll get to go home for a few hours before he has to start his next chemo round that he’ll have to be back in the hospital for 4 days. Koen hasn’t ever been to the new house so were very EXCITED to take him home.
Thank you every that prayed for him at 10:00! Your prayers are working keep them coming!

1:51PM (Central Time)
Hey Kara, The doctors just came in and decided that they are going to let him go home till Friday. So won't have to come back at all till then! We are so super excited! Koen had the biggest smile on his face and starting clapping when they told him. God is AWESOME! Lindsay


  1. Yay, Jesus! :) Hey Linds, I have something I'd like to send - what address can I use? The one on this blog, or a different one?

  2. Great news guys, we've been away with no Internet access so I wasn't able to stay up to date. This blog is great as it helps keep him on the forefront of our prayers. We'd love to be a part of the next Koen prayer day as well. PS keep staying on the doctors, God will give you the wisdom to make the right decisions.

    Still praying,
    Luke & Teresa MacKinney

  3. Hey Elizabeth, Thanks your so sweet! I'll give you my home address, Kara's going to be switching it just hasn't had time... Here it is!
    3002 Willowrun Dr.
    Castle Rock, CO