Sunday, August 23, 2009


This is too funny! Koen hasn’t been sleeping well at all lately, which means mommy and daddy haven’t been sleeping well also. But last night guess where he wanted to sleep. Right in the wagon! He slept in bed with me for about 2 hours and then the rest of night he slept in the wagon. It must be pretty comfortable for him because he is still asleep as I’m writing this and its 12:15am. He actually looks really comfy!
He also has rapidly started losing his hair! Every time I change his pillow case (which is about every hour) I just want to cry! It’s just hair and shouldn’t make me so sad but for some reason it does. Thankfully I’m sure he’ll be a very cute little bald boy.
His CT scan on Friday also showed that he has a large mass of poo in his bowels, so they put him on a stool softener. I’m not sure what to think about this because it causes him to have bad diarrhea and stomach cramps. I just don’t want to keep making him go through that if it doesn’t do any good. The doctors couldn't tell me how long or how they would determine if the stool softener worked. In my opinion until he starts walking there's not much you can do about it. He's been pooping fine but because it's formula poo, they think it's just going around the mass. So we could use a lot of prayer in this area. Doctor’s don’t like their toes stepped on but mommy also doesn't like seeing her little boy go through something that he shouldn't have too.
A BIG praise in the last 24 hours though is he has gone with out getting a fever. This is a huge answer to prayer. The doctors this morning think he could have a viral infection which could be causing him to have the fevers and low white blood cell counts. Which brings me to a another big prayer request his white blood cell count is down to 250 which it has to be up to 750 in order to start his next round of chemo. We understand it all but really don’t like having to see chemo be pushed back. This means just longer before he’s cancer free. If everything would go as planned with no set back he would be cancer free by Christmas. Another praise though, this happened after I had already wrote this. Koen wanted and was able to kneel on his knees today to look out the window. This is a big step towards getting his hips ready for walking again.
I meant to add a picture of Koen sleeping in the wagon but forgot the camera at the hospital tonight. I will make sure and add it to the next post.
Thank you everyone for caring and for your prayers, it means a lot to Grant and I.

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  1. Just wanted you to know that I just set up an alert on my phone, too, to pray at 10 every morning. I'm praying that God will get a lot of glory from this trial in your lives. He's such an amazing God. Much love.