Sunday, August 23, 2009

Keep Praying!!

So, Koen seems to me to be doing a WHOLE LOT better than he was when we first arrived here. But yesterday he had a CT scan. He keeps spiking really high fevers. So they wanted to do a CT scan to make sure there was no infection around the surgery area or anywhere else. The results showed that there is no infection but still a little blood in his abdomen either from it rupturing or from when they did surgery. It also showed that there are no big changes to the tumor. This to us is a sad thing because we were hoping to see AMAZING results with just finishing his first chemo round. But unfortunately that is not the case! The doctors aren't that surprised though considering how big of a tumor it is. Since he obviously is still having problems we were not able to go home like I had hoped for! Right now his blood counts are too low for him to start his next round of chemo on Tuesday. However, the doctors think they should come up enough by then. He is also having a really hard time being in the hospital. He does really well and is happy as long as we are not in his room. With being in the hospital now for 23 days and being in bed most of that time he hasn't yet wanted to walk again. He is willing to fight the nurses off though! :) He also is so glad to be able to go out of his room now for wagon rides and the playroom. To Grant and I he looks really good compared to what he did look like. Although he's probably just back to what and how he was doing before his tumor ruptured and we had to take him to the ER.
I am wanting to have a prayers day for Koen! My idea is to set a time and day where we all promise to lift Koen up in prayer! If you would like to make that promise please leave a comment. Monday at 10:0oam will be the first one!
*Koen is off the PCA...only needing pain meds every 6 hours.
*Have a feeding schedule figured out and is working well, gaining back weight. (Hasn't had anymore throwing up)
*First round of Chemo went well.
*That he is more himself and still fighting strong.
Still Needing Prayer For:
*That his counts are down and can start the second round of chemo on Tuesday & handles all his chemo for the week.
*Fevers will go away
*He will want to start eating more table food
*Has a will to walk again
*To be able to go home
*To be cancer free
(This post was send to me Saturday from Koen's Mommy)


  1. Just set up a DAILY reminder on my cell starting tomorrow-for everyday at 10:00am!! We are standing with you guys. God bless you!!


  2. I'll pray!
    Amy Westlund