Saturday, August 8, 2009

Prayers Answered!

Today was a good day! Koen was extubated today at 11:00, he is thriving and breathing on his own. Every morning the doctors have what they call rounds, this morning in rounds they were so surprised at how far Koen has come in such a short time. Being extubated also means he gets rid of several more things the catheder, chest drainage tube, sedation medicine and as soon as his ready to eat on his own the feeding tube. The feeding tube could still be a few days but you never know with him. He is such a little fighter! After the tube was out he didn't say much other than No, No, No! Which to us is a beautiful word! Not only do we get to at least hear him talk we also get to see how much more fight he has left in him. Today there were tears of joy, God has yet again BLESSED us with our little Koen. I cried out for GOD not to take him yet and he heard my cry and granted me more time. I could not imagine my life with out my little Koen. He brings so much joy into our lives! He still has along road ahead of him but we all know GOD is right there with us during this very hard time. All we have to do and is look to GOD for the srength to get us through it! They are tentatively moving him up to the oncology floor tomorrow! With him possibly going home next weekend sometime. He'll have another chemo treatment on Thursday so as long as he handles that okay he should be going home. Please keep lifting our little boy up in prayer! I'm truly THANKFUL to each and everyone of you for your support and many prayers during this time! Love you Ko man, Mommy!

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