Saturday, November 21, 2009


Koen and his Mommy at the hospital.
Koen and I just got home from the hospital. He is doing good! But he has been really grouchy today and just down right mad. I'm not sure if he's just really feeling the chemo today or he's just having a little angry moment. He's so ready to be done with the hospital stuff, nurses and doctors. Please keep praying for him to have the strength to finish this fight. The end is very near! I am having some weird feelings about the end of this journey. I am really excited to see the end almost here. To when I have my little man Koen back. But then I feel so guilty for being happy because I know of all the sweet little faces that still have quite a journey ahead of them. Even though they are not my kids today I am feeling the pain of them being my kids. I guess because I know what their parents are going through and how tuff it is on them. It just really breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes. I know I will always be a part of children's cancer and I hope I find a GREAT way to give back and give some other parent hope! Please remember to keep those prayers coming for not only Koen but for the rest of the kids that are going through all this. Thanks!

Koen's Uncles came to visit while he was in the hospital.

Koen and his new friend Ainsley doing crafts together at the hospital.


  1. What sweet pictures. :) Still praying for you all. I'm so glad things seem to be wrapping up. The Lord is so good and gives such good gifts.

  2. Again thanks for keeping the posts. I have been praying for Koen and checking on his updates frequently. I have several family members that have had cancer but they were all adults. I didn't know a child with cancer until I heard about Koen and from reading all your posts I consider him family. I am so happy his journey with cancer is getting close to the end. I will continue to watch and pray for Koen and your family and other families going through this. Janet

  3. I am so upset I wasn't able to take care of you guys at all your entire stay! So FRUSTRATING!!!! I am so proud of you though! You are so close! It's interesting what you said about the other parents. So true too...the hardest part of my job isn't always the kids. I can give them medicine for the pain and the nausea but I have to standby helplessly and do nothing to help the suffering that the parents have to endure. You are very tough Lindsey and Grant and are a symbol of hope to many more people than you realize! I better be taking care of Koen his next admission! Let me know the dates and I'll try to put in a word with the charge nurses. ;D

  4. It's so great to see your smiling faces. We continue to keep Koen and you all in our prayers...including all the children and families going through this as well. Thank you Lindsey for sharing with us. God Bless!

  5. i feel so bad for you!!!!!!! i hope your ok!!!!!!!! i will always pray for you!!!!!!!!!!! i hope you get well!!!!!!