Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Koen's counts were low on Monday "463" and then he came down with whatever it was that his brother Gavin had early Tuesday morning. Throwing up, tummy pain, diarrhea, fever just downright sick! Thank goodness it only lasted about 24 hours, but I am worried it probably caused his counts to drop even more. He was supposed to start his finally round of chemo on Thursday. We are going to go ahead and push them back to Friday and pray his counts climb back up fast. If they don't I think I am going to ask the doctor is we can just wait until after the Holidays to start round 6. This way he can have a GREAT Christmas without being sick and feeling crummy. Please pray that either his counts will be back up by Friday or if not that the doctor's will be okay with waiting to start round 6. Please also say a prayer for all this sickness that has been running through our home to go away and stay away! I've totally ran out of energy and don't know how much more I can take! Thanks for your prayers! I believe this will all get figured out and we'll start round 6 when the time is right. Thanks again!

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